About Christine Allgaier and her qualifications.

Tara has a diploma in remedial massage and has worked in the industry for 20 years, 7 of which were at the famous "Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat". During this time she has practiced and refined her remedial, hot rock massage technique and more advanced treatment levels. Tara has worked at Holistic now for 4 years with a focus on her own unique treatment style "sacred sensations". A natural healer, Tara can offer the unique combination of remedial work combining an energetic component within the treatment. Tara has overwhelmingly received very positive feedback on all her treatments while working at Holistic.

Jenn is an experienced practitioner of natural medicine, having worked in the field for nearly 20 years. This has allowed the adoption of time honoured techniques which have been devleoped through study, travel and a companionship with alternative medicine itself. Jenn brings these elements together through massage, nutrition, yoga and healing to bring about well being both internal and external.

Jenn is dedicated to assisting people to create their own path of healing and increasing their self understanding.